Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Company
  • 2019: ANNOUNCEMENT: Lille Juily 2-4, 2019: BMSystems invited as speaker at ANTIMIC 2019: Bacteriophages, Genius and success of precision medicine in infections (ATC HCl) and new tracks for microbiote “surgery” controt with GEMMA microbiota &Autism H2O2O program
  • 2019: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris May 30, 2019 : Manuel GEA, CEO BMSystems, rejoint l’Advisory Board Pharma/Santé de Bolero pour renforcer leurs offres et accélérer la convergence recherche clinique et données de vraie vie

  • 2019: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris May 5, 2019: Bio-Modeling Systems is participating to Neurodegenerative Drug Development Europe Conference in Paris (May 22-23, 2019). Meet us to discover our Alzheimer's and Parkinson’s diseases solutions.
  • 2019: ANNOUNCEMENT: BMSystems will be participating to  Polepharma microbiota conference (the N°1 pharmaceutical cluster in Europe) event to present its GEMMA microbiota &Autism H2O2O program !
  • 2019: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris April  2, 2019: Bio-Modeling Systems, the 14 M€ H2020 GEMMA (Autism and Microbiota) integrative biology partner, announces the release of the public program web site: for the World Autism Awareness Day.
  • 2019-NEW-YEAR PROGRAM: Paris January 24, 2019: In 2019, our founding motto: “Understand disease mechanisms first. Adapted treatments will follow.” is still highly relevant. FRENCH

  • 2018: POSITION PAPER : Paris December 2, 2018: SMART STRATEGY vs. BIG STRATEGY: How Augmented Intelligence, the other AI, addresses the digital “garbage in garbage out” reality and the life complexity

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: BMSystems invited to present its CADI Discovery platform and achievements at 4 events in Europe,BioFit,-BioWin-Day,COST EC cluster conference, DGA BtoB  

Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Companys

CADI™ (Computer Assited Deductive Integretion) Discovery - Value Generation

CADI™ state of the Art first collaborative research programs

  • A collaborative research between the SEPIA laboratory from the François Jacob Institute of biology par of CEA and Bio-Modeling Systems in the field of prion diseases led to a world’s first in vivo validation of the mechanisms of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease pathogenesis & progression. Two Awards (2009 and 2010).
  • A collaborative research between the SEPIA laboratory from the François Jacob Institute of biology par of CEA and Bio-Modeling Systems in the field of prion diseases led to the filing of the co-owned patent WO201029131 describing a novel therapeutic strategy to treat psychiatric and neurological disorders. This patent is licensed exclusively on a worldwide basis to Theranexus, a CEA spin-off company.
  • A Colllaborative research in the field of biodefence and Multi-resistant bacterias threats has led to  Pherecydes-Pharma (2006): BMSystems’ spin-off, ( novel M.R. anti-bacterial nano-agents biotherapies), two indications:  Skin infections in Phase I/II. & osteo-articular infections.

Technology Developments (know-how, patents)

  • CADI™ Computer-Assisted Deductive Integration, proprietary methodologies and tools.
  • CADI™ Search (data acquisition & mining).
  • CADI™ Architect (data organization & structuring).
  • CADI™ Fiber-N (integrative engine).
  • CADI™ View (model representation & visualization).
  • TAPE Patent: WO/2008/093010- December 2006.
  • AB-ACCUS patent: WO/2008/093009 - December 2006.
  • RIPh patent: PCT/FR2010/050796 – May 2009.
  • CNS copatent: WO/2010/029131 - Use of anti-connexin agents for modulating the therapeutic effect of psychotropic drugs. September, 2008

Valorisation of our collaborative research:

  • Spin-off (equity, etc,...).

  • Out-Licensing (royalties, etc,...).

  • Consortiums / J.V. (fees, royalties).

Contract Research (fees and possible royalties)

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