Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Company
  • 2019: ANNOUNCEMENT: BMSystems will be participating to Neurology Drug Development Europe and Polepharma (the N°1 pharmaceutical cluster in Europe) events: Alzheimer's Disease recurrent failures: A causal CADI™ model explains 14 key disease components!
  • 2019: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris April  2, 2019: Bio-Modeling Systems, the 14 M€ H2020 GEMMA (Autism and Microbiota) integrative biology partner, announces the release of the public program web site: for the World Autism Awareness Day.
  • 2019-NEW-YEAR PROGRAM: Paris January 24, 2019: In 2019, our founding motto: “Understand disease mechanisms first. Adapted treatments will follow.” is still highly relevant. FRENCH

  • 2018: POSITION PAPER : Paris December 2, 2018: SMART STRATEGY vs. BIG STRATEGY: How Augmented Intelligence, the other AI, addresses the digital “garbage in garbage out” reality and the life complexity

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: BMSystems invited to present its CADI Discovery platform and achievements at 4 events in Europe,BioFit,-BioWin-Day,COST EC cluster conference, DGA BtoB  

  • 2018: PRESSE-RELEASE: L’Association Française du Syndrome de Fatigue Chronique (AFSC) change les règles du jeu et s’associe à Bio-Modeling Systems pour développer et valider un modèle explicatif et thérapeutique de l'EM/SFC (CFS/ME).

  • 2018: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris October 10, 2108: Bio-Modeling Systems, with its operational CADI™ Discovery platform, is the Integrative Biology partner of GEMMA (autism & microbiota) project selected for €14.2M H2020 funding by the European Commission to identify potential targets for the personalized treatment and prevention of Autism Spectrum Disorderss

  • 2018: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris 10 Octobre 2108: Bio-Modeling Systems, avec sa plateforme opérationnelle CADI™ Discovery est le partenaire « Biologie Intégrative » du  programme GEMMA (autisme & microbiote) sélectionné par la Commission européenne pour un financement H2020 de 14,2 millions d'euros afin d'identifier des cibles potentielles pour le traitement personnalisé et la prévention des troubles du spectre autistique

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris September 4, 2018: How CADI Discovery, invented in 2004,  successfully addressed the "Garbage in Garbage out" Law of every Data Processing explained in Current Opinion in Pharmacology:  How scientific literature analysis yields innovative therapeutic hypothesis through integrative iterations.
  • 2018: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris  July17, 2018: World's first: The French Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Association decides to clinically evaluate the ME/CFS pathogenesis model produced by Bio-Modeling System.s

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris June 19-20, 2018: BMSystems invited to the Microbiotes conference organized by Adebiotech to present its microbiota vision and CADI Discovery programs. 

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris June 14, 2018: BMSystems invited to the Connected Health Conference organized by ANRT to present its Real life data strategy with its "patients & HCP digital pathways" partner Bolero.

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris March 13-14, 2018: BMSystems invited to the Epigentic conference organised by Adebiotech to present its CADI Discovery program EPIGEN-DIAB with the Centrer of excelllence in Epigenetic in India.
Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Companys

CADI™ (Computer Augmented Deductive Intelligence) Discovery - Value Proposition

BMSystems' team builds heuristic non-mathematical CADI™ models to generate novel disruptive concepts from scientific, medical & health data.

BMSystems' answers to clients / partners' needs:

With CADI™ Discovery, BMSystems possesses a truly unique competitive advantage: the ability to address and exploit the two major issues in life sciences

  1. the enormous complexity of life’s mechanisms, and
  2. the significant and growing unreliability of scientific and clinical publications.

Through its dual contractual & collaborative business model, BMSystems:

  1. proposes robust R&D and Business decision-making support, and
  2. discovers cost-effective, lower risk, patentable novel integrated solutions, for medicine, health technologies, nutrition and cosmetics.

You have a question; we may have the ability to generate the answer through one of our 6 BMSystems’ solutions to critical & high impact issues.

  1. GO-NO GO decision before product acquisition or for portfolio risk analysis.
  2. GO-NO GO decision before next development phase.
  3. R&D program Rescue for a program facing critical issues during its lifetime.
  4. External R&D “B plan” program when the “A plan” cannot be rescued.
  5. Exploratory Discovery program to discover novel causal mechanisms concepts.
  6. Novel Hypotheses for therapeutic and/or diagnostic solutions discovery.

BMSystems generates solutions better, faster, cheaper and safer:

  • Physiological / Diseases Mechanisms understanding
    • Multi-Systems mechanisms
    • Multi-Scale mechanisms description
  • Targets discovery & validation.
  • Signatures of biomarkers discovery & validation.
  • Marketing strategies rational support
  • Adaptive clinical trials rational support
  • Market Access rational support
  • New therapeutic / diagnostic / cosmetics strategies,
    • New associations of molecules & devices
    • New associations of existing molecules
    • Molecules / Devices Mechanisms of action
  •  R&D / Molecules / clinical programs evaluation:
    • Next Phase GO / NO GO decision
    • Novel Clinical phases end points / processes
    • Drug (re) positioning /(re) profiling
    • Rare diseases drugs repositioning
    • Drug side effects analysis for rescue
    • Chemical entities safety issues (Allergy, PE, etc…)

BMSystems' markets: All applications linked to life sciences

  • Pharma, diagnostic, cosmetics: Red/biomedical Biotech.
  • Chemistry: White/Industrial biotech.
  • Environment: Yellow/environmental Biotech.
  • Energy:  Renewable Energy Biotech.

CADI™ Discovery Competitive advantages: Running life sciences R&D programs better, faster, cheaper and safer

  • Better-Faster: The CADI™ (Computer Assisted Deductive Integration) proprietary modeling approach invented in 2002 by Dr. François Iris,  is the first successful operational application of the "negative selection concept" in life sciences. This disruptive innovation in the field of systems biology places back the biologists in the center of the game, computational science providing the necessary tools to help them work better and faster.
  • Better: The CADI™ process, has proven since 2003 (first publication in history of a biologically validated model of a complex human disease) to be the most efficient synergic process combining organic non-linear integration (Brain intelligence ) and in-silico data processing power (collecting, structuring and manipulating data) to build validated biological interaction maps that describe biological reality better.
  • Better and safer: The CADI™ model can describe the dynamics of a pathological process and/or a pathological status vs. control and allows to switch from "symptomatic" to "causal" medicine. Because we work on mechanisms associated with specific pathways it becomes easier to predict and identify pertinent biomarkers and to propose new therapeutic strategies. At every steps of the preclinical and clinical development program, it is easy to go back to the model and rework it if necessary, making drug development better and safer.
  • Faster and cheaper: The CADI™ models belong to the non-mathematical holistic and heuristic class of models. Because we do not need to describe the complete system, the development of a CADI™ model leads to directly exploitable results, when the majority of our competitors are still trying to build operational systems. CADI™ is faster and cheaper.
  • Faster and cheaper: The CADI™ models are surely not exact maps of the complex reality, but they are pertinent representations that gather the minimum knowledge and intelligence necessary to describe a living process in a defined context and allows researchers to take the best possible decisions for the best possible results. They can be the most efficient necessary step to define the contexts and the parameters needed to build, local pertinent mathematical models for faster and cheaper optimization.
  • Better, faster and cheaper: The CADI™ process re-invented and made highly productive the synergic collaboration between experimental and integrative biology, implementing the unique CADI™ 4 steps validation process. Because a CADI™ model explains what, where, when to validate, it becomes possible to invent simple but highly pertinent & cost effective experimentations to get Yes/No answers better, faster and cheaper.
Bio-Modeling Systems: a leading Integrative Heuristic Systems Biology / Predictive Integrative Biology Mechanisms-Based Medicine company that delivers