Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Company
  • 2017: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris-November 16, 2017:BMSystems is selected to pitch at the “Translational Neurosciences Conference” organized by “NeurATRIS” and supported by “eartis” the European Infrastructure For Translational Medicine, comprising more than 80 leading European Institutes.

  • 2017: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris-New-York October 4, 2017: BMSystems, with its 14 independently validated successes to date, is selected by the Galien Foundation for the MedStartUp Award 2017 program first step during the US Galien Prize Forum in New-York.
  • 2017: ANNOUNCEMENT: Latest news:  Press-release from Hospices Civils de Lyon about phage therapy success with Pherecydes Pharma bacteriophages. Pherecydes-Pharma, is BMSystems’ first therapeutic spin-off.
  • 2017: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris September 7, 2017: The future of Medicine: Bio-Modeling Systems invited to present at the Summer Universities of Fédération Hospitalière de France
  • 2017: ANNOUNCEMENT: Belgium August 26-27, 2017: BMSystems selected to meet Wallonia life Sciences Companies and is invited to the Spa-Francorchamps Formula 1 Race. Great place for top meeting!

  • 2017: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris July 4, 2017. BMSystems was invited to present at the Conference INSEAD Alumni at BCG Paris Office: Everything you always wanted to know about Digital Health revolution “big promises” but were afraid to ask!

  • 2017: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris January 17, 2017: BMSytems was invited at the France-India healthcare Summit to present its Computer Augmented Deductive Intelligence platform and its operational successes

  • 2017: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris January 17, 2017: BMSytems invited to present its collaborative success story with CEA life Sciences at the 10 years anniversary of Medicen Paris Region Health cluster

  • 2017: Happy New Year: Our 8 Resolutions for 2017 to be ready for the upcoming bubble explosion! - Bonne Année: Nos 8 Résolutions pour 2017
  • 2016: INTERVIEW (Post LinkedIn FR avec explications): "Drug Discovery and health Big Data. The enormous Bubble will explode.” (Post LinkedIn ENG with all the explanations)  Manuel GEA, CEO of BMSystems in Biotech & Finances the leading biotech sector information letter

  • 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris October 5, 2016: BMSystems' CEO invited to present its digital-biology strategy and achievements at the inaugural session of Medicen Paris Region 10th years anniversary

  • 2016: PRESS RELEASE: Paris September 5, 2016: BMSystems selected to present CADI Discovery at the Connexion R&D conference organized by COSMETIC-VALLEY the leading Perfumery & Cosmetic cluster in France.

  • 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT August 1, 2016: BIO-MODELING SYSTEMS' novel Parkinson's therapy mentioned in a Report Covering 179 Companies. A new recognition of CADI Discovery capability to generate novel therapeutic strategies in complex human diseases of which CNS

  • 2016: Updated: Inaugural Presentation Bio-Entrepreneur 2015: The future will be digital and biology, but who will lead? Google? Watson? Alone or MDs, Physiologists, Biologists educating and mastering them combining diagnostics, therapies, connected devices and IT technologies?
Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Companys


BMSystems' Group Profile

  • Independent Private Company incorporated in 2004, profitable since 2006.
  • 100% owned by its founders (no search for external investors for BMSystems company, open for its spin-offs).
  • The first Mechanisms-Based Medicine company that discovers novel diagnostic, therapeutic & prevention solutions.
  • A clear “Biology” driven company that intensively uses I.T. resources. Inventor and exclusive owner of all its technologies.
  • 24 vFTE* of which 9 vFTE scientists/professionals focused on CADI**™ research.
  • Long term strategic R&D and business collaborations with more than 100 partners’ professionals working on BMSystems’ related R&D programs.
  • Original dual business model that generates revenues through contractual R&D programs & patented novel therapeutic & prevention solutions through collaborative R&D programs with its partners.
  • Company strictly focus on Discovery, the validation phases and the patented discoveries developments are implemented outside the company with selected partners.
  • The largest IT life sciences and healthcare business offer with its strategic IT partner, Persistent Systems (Leading Indian IT company 7000 people, 250 M$, 85% of business in the USA).
  • Member of BiO (USA), MEDICEN (Health, IAR (Industrial biotech) clusters.
  • Member in France of Leem Biotech, Adebiotech, Medef, Centrale-Santé Think Tanks.
  • Founders, member of international organizations (HUGO, CHI, etc…).
  • A responsible Innnovation© company

 BMSystems' Science at a glance

  • Understanding the causal mechanisms of a disease is the first objective. Finding the most adapted biomarkers and solutions are the necessary consequences of the first objective.
  • BMSystems invented CADI™ Discovery in 2004, the first operational "Mechanisms-based Medicine" platform, dedicated to the discovery of cost-effective new diagnostic, therapeutic and prevention solutions for medicine, cosmetics, etc, ...
  • BMSystems' team builds heuristic non-mathematical in-silico models to generate novel disruptive concepts from scientific, medical & health data.
  • CADI™ Discovery and the competition download the document
  • CADI™ Discovery addresses both efficacy and safety issues, the main culprits for the unacceptable R&D attrition rate.
  • BMSystems already generated a significant pipeline of internal Research programs.
  • CADI™ patented novel therapies, already contributed to the creation of two funded Pharma SMEs at clinical stage.:

 BMSystems' dual business model:

  • BMSystems separates its CADI™ research (internal) from the outputs developments (external).
  • BMsystems does not sell its technologies nor give access to them.
  • BMSystems sells the outputs of its research programs to its clients through contractual research programs (options: Access, fees, success fees, Discovery fees).
  • BMSystems shares the outputs of its research programs to its partners through collaborative research programs (each partner finances its costs, shares IP, defines together the development options).
  • The contractual and collaborative businesses are limited to 50% each to secure long run business.
  • BMSystems has repeatedly proven to create business value from its unique new research paradigm.
  • A responsible Innnovation© process

*vFTE (varaible Full Time Equivalent)

Bio-Modeling Systems: a leading Integrative Heuristic Systems Biology / Predictive Integrative Biology Mechanisms-Based Medicine company that delivers