Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Company
  • 2019: ANNOUNCEMENT: BMSystems will be participating to Neurology Drug Development Europe and Polepharma (the N°1 pharmaceutical cluster in Europe) events: Alzheimer's Disease recurrent failures: A causal CADI™ model explains 14 key disease components!
  • 2019: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris April  2, 2019: Bio-Modeling Systems, the 14 M€ H2020 GEMMA (Autism and Microbiota) integrative biology partner, announces the release of the public program web site: for the World Autism Awareness Day.
  • 2019-NEW-YEAR PROGRAM: Paris January 24, 2019: In 2019, our founding motto: “Understand disease mechanisms first. Adapted treatments will follow.” is still highly relevant. FRENCH

  • 2018: POSITION PAPER : Paris December 2, 2018: SMART STRATEGY vs. BIG STRATEGY: How Augmented Intelligence, the other AI, addresses the digital “garbage in garbage out” reality and the life complexity

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: BMSystems invited to present its CADI Discovery platform and achievements at 4 events in Europe,BioFit,-BioWin-Day,COST EC cluster conference, DGA BtoB  

  • 2018: PRESSE-RELEASE: L’Association Française du Syndrome de Fatigue Chronique (AFSC) change les règles du jeu et s’associe à Bio-Modeling Systems pour développer et valider un modèle explicatif et thérapeutique de l'EM/SFC (CFS/ME).

  • 2018: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris October 10, 2108: Bio-Modeling Systems, with its operational CADI™ Discovery platform, is the Integrative Biology partner of GEMMA (autism & microbiota) project selected for €14.2M H2020 funding by the European Commission to identify potential targets for the personalized treatment and prevention of Autism Spectrum Disorderss

  • 2018: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris 10 Octobre 2108: Bio-Modeling Systems, avec sa plateforme opérationnelle CADI™ Discovery est le partenaire « Biologie Intégrative » du  programme GEMMA (autisme & microbiote) sélectionné par la Commission européenne pour un financement H2020 de 14,2 millions d'euros afin d'identifier des cibles potentielles pour le traitement personnalisé et la prévention des troubles du spectre autistique

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris September 4, 2018: How CADI Discovery, invented in 2004,  successfully addressed the "Garbage in Garbage out" Law of every Data Processing explained in Current Opinion in Pharmacology:  How scientific literature analysis yields innovative therapeutic hypothesis through integrative iterations.
  • 2018: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris  July17, 2018: World's first: The French Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Association decides to clinically evaluate the ME/CFS pathogenesis model produced by Bio-Modeling System.s

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris June 19-20, 2018: BMSystems invited to the Microbiotes conference organized by Adebiotech to present its microbiota vision and CADI Discovery programs. 

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris June 14, 2018: BMSystems invited to the Connected Health Conference organized by ANRT to present its Real life data strategy with its "patients & HCP digital pathways" partner Bolero.

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris March 13-14, 2018: BMSystems invited to the Epigentic conference organised by Adebiotech to present its CADI Discovery program EPIGEN-DIAB with the Centrer of excelllence in Epigenetic in India.
Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Companys

BMSystems history

1989 -1993 Dr. Iris is Group Leader at the CEPH in Paris

  • The CEPH is a Research Institute founded and lead by Nobel laureate Prof. Jean Dausset.
  • Develops methods for high-throughput (HT) sequencing & data integration.
  • Realizes that the links between genome & biological processes are non-linear.
  • One gene = several proteins = multiple interactions = many context-dependent functions.

1993 -1996 Dr. Iris creates & leads Millennium Pharmaceuticals' (USA) HT Sequencing Unit

  • He undertakes the first attempts to carry-out physiological modeling via large scale data integration.
  • He invents & develops the basic tools and methods required for Integrative Biology.
  • Successful completion of two models, leading to the discovery of the UCP2 and EST1 genes and their roles in obesity and hyperglycemia.
  • He realizes that since published information is:
    • incomplete (to an unknown extent),
    • slanted (to an unknown extent),and often
    • incorrect (to an unknown extent).
  • Methodologies to access/generate complementary unbiased information are required

1996-2001 - Dr. Iris is co-founder and C.S.O. of ValiGen SA in Paris

  • He invents, develops and patents 4 new differential gene-expression and genotyping technologies.
  • He invents and develops the computerized data gathering, data mining, clustering and integration tools & technologies necessary for the industrial development of  Integrative Biology / Systems Biology (European "Eureka" grant: 18.6 M Euros).
  • He finalizes the Bio-Graph™ analytical platform based on the "positive selection" concept.
  • He develops the Tamoxifen Resistance model with Bio-Graph™.
  • He identifies the limitations of this analytical platform.

1999-2001 - Dr. Iris meets Mr. M.Gea and Dr. G.Dine

  • Dr. Iris meets M.Gea and Prof. G.Dine, founding members of Centrale-Santé.
  • Dr. François Iris becomes a member of Centrale-Santé's Directorate, the Healthcare & Biotech Think Tank of the Centrale's alumni's Association.
  • He decides to abandon the Bio-Graph™  platform and starts working on a second Generation analytical platform (CADI™) based on the negative selection concept.
  • He starts to work on the first version of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease model. 

2002-2003 -  Dr. Iris, M. Gea and Dr. Dine initiate the BMSystems project

  • Conception of the first European private biotech company specialized in Predictive Integrative biology / Systems Biology.
  • Paul-Henri Lampe, and Pablo Santamaria, members of Centrale-Santé Think Tank, decide to join the project.
  • Development of the CADI™ analytical platform.
  • Four new models completed (FGF4-driven fibroblast differentiation, hypercholesterolemia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Creutzfeldt Jakob disease) two of which are undergoing independent biological evaluation.

2004 - The company is created and starts business operations

  •  Independent Private Company incorporated in 2004. 100% owned by its founders.
  • Profitable since 2006, thanks to our recurrent clients.
  • We only sell the results of the R&D programs, not our proprietary technologies.
  • 100% biology driven company focused on discovery, and critical high impact decisions making
  • A unique proprietary CADI™ Knowledge Database of mechanisms & interactions.
  • Not domain-dependent, but information-dependent. Markets: Pharma, Cosmetics, Nutrition, Health Technologies, Connected health,
  • Highly productive 24 vFTE* of which 9 vFTE on CADI™ Discovery programs only.
  • Strong & long term strategic R&D collaborations (>100 people collaborating).
  • Dual business model : Contractual or Collaborative R&D programs.
  • External valorization of our collaborative R&D programs through out-licensing or spin-off.
  • Outstanding internal pipeline of programs ready for collaborations.
  • 1 therapeutic spin-off and 1 exclusive out-licence, 4 issued patents, 10 publications.
Bio-Modeling Systems: a leading Integrative Heuristic Systems Biology / Predictive Integrative Biology Mechanisms-Based Medicine company that delivers ?>