Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Company
Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Companys

BMSystems know-how and Technologies 

BMSystems know-how (non-confidential)

CADI™ Global discovery & validation process exploiting Smart Data
(contextualized, with patients based lines, related to mechanisms data)

BMSystems Technologies (non-confidential)

  • Computer-Assisted Deductive Integration (CADI™) proprietary methodologies and tools.
  • CADI™ Search (data acquisition & mining).
  • CADI™ Architect (data organization & structuring).
  • CADI™ Fiber-N (integrative engine).
  • CADI™ View (model representation & visualization).
  • TAPE Patent: WO/2008/093010- December 2006. A technology allowing to rapidly & simultaneously introduce defined densities of random mutations in any number of selected regions within a gene while conserving intact any number of defined coding domains in this same gene (applicable to all proteins, including antibodies, enzymes, etc..).
  • AB-ACCUS patent: WO/2008/093009 - December 2006. A recombination technology allowing the rapid & efficient production of phage banks in which every individual differs from all others for any number of selected genes or other sequences.
  • RIPh patent: PCT/FR2010/050796 – May 2009. A methodology allowing to reversibly immobilize an obligate lytic phage within its bacterial host and to then extensively modify its genome without adversely affecting the phage's replicative ability.
  • CNS copatent: WO/2010/029131 - September, 2008. Use of anti-connexin agents for modulating the therapeutic effect of psychotropic drugs



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