Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Company: Theranexus & Pherecydes-Pharma POCs
Bio-Modeling Systems: a leading Integrative Heuristic Systems Biology / Predictive Integrative Biology company that delivers

"Correct understanding of life mechanisms makes novel integrated diagnostics, therapies & preventive solutions discovery smarter, faster & cheaper for healthcare, diagnostic, health technologies, nutrition, and cosmetics!"

Bio-Modeling Systems is the world’s first Mechanisms-Based medicine company that changed the discovery paradigm to create novel medical meanings from unreliable heterogeneous sources of data to generate validated & directly exploitable first in class heuristic non-mathematical mechanistic CADI™ (Computer Augmented Deductive Intelligence) models.

Created in 2004, profitable since 2006, thanks to our recurrent clients, our robust decision-making support & discoveries already led to:

  1. A world's first in neurodegenerative diseases (publication) with CEA: 2 awards in the US & Europe

  2. Pherecydes-Pharma: BMSystems' spin-off, MR infections therapies,  3 patents, publication, world's first clinical multi-centric trial with bacteriophages in Phase I/II,

  3. Theranexus: the CEA Life Sciences' spin-off exploiting  CEA/BMSystems' copatent  WO/2010/029131, in CNS therapies,  Phase II entry,  ODD from FDA, and

  4. Our high impact "robust decision-making"support, to answer the unacceptable clinical failure rate of 90%-95% for CEOs, R&D, Business Managers  & Investors

  5. Our Digital R&D, and E health "transformation" expertise to help and support our clients/partners to understand the real potential and limits of the digital giants promises in discovery and implement their programs with the right concepts and tools.   

We warmly invite you to download our  6 pages management summary,  our Short corporate Presentation or our Full Presentation with all non-confidential details of our 10 POCs.

The life-modeling issue


BMSystems’ solutions to critical & high impact R&D and business issues

Invented and operated by our Biologists, CADI™* Discovery is, since 2004, the world's first and only to date operational "Mechanisms-based Medicine" platform that proposes:

  1. robust decision making support for R&D and Business, and

  2. the discovery of cost-effective lower risk patentable novel integrated solutions,

*CADI™ : Computer Assisted Deductive Integration and Computer Augmented Deductive Intelligence