Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Company
  • 2018: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris  July17, 2018: World's first: The French Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Association decides to clinically evaluate the ME/CFS pathogenesis model produced by Bio-Modeling Systems

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris May 28, 2018 Bio-Modeling Systems est heureuse de vous informer sur ses interventions lors des conférences suivantes

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris June 19-20, 2018: BMSystems invited to the Micorbiotes conference organised by Adebiotech to present its microbiota vision and CADI Discovery programs 

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris June 14, 2018: BMSystems invited to the Connected Health Conference organised by ANRT to present its Real life data strategy with its "patients & HCP digital pathways" partner Bolero

  • 2018: ANNOUNCEMENT: Paris March 13-14, 2018: BMSystems invited to the Epigentic conference organised by Adebiotech to present its CADI Discovery program EPIGEN-DIAB with the Centrer of excelllence in Eipgenetic in India

  • 2017: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris-November 16, 2017: BMSystems is selected to pitch at the “Translational Neurosciences Conference” organized by “NeurATRIS” and supported by “eartis” the European Infrastructure For Translational Medicine, comprising more than 80 leading European Institutes.

  • 2017: PRESS-RELEASE: Paris-New-York October 4, 2017: BMSystems, with its 14 independently validated successes to date, is selected by the Galien Foundation for the MedStartUp Award 2017 program first step during the US Galien Prize Forum in New-York.
  • 2017: ANNOUNCEMENT: Latest news:  Press-release from Hospices Civils de Lyon about phage therapy success with Pherecydes Pharma bacteriophages. Pherecydes-Pharma, is BMSystems’ first therapeutic spin-off.

Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Companys

BMSystems Professional Network

BMSystems expertise recognition: Memberships in prestigious international scientific, professional and evaluation committees

  • Member: Evaluation committee of the funding priorities in the "Medical Systems Biology- MedSys" program, German Federal ministry of Research Berlin (2008-) .
  • Expert Systems biology for the European Commission DG Research (2011-).  
  • Member: Scientific Committee of the Cambridge Healthtech Institute. The world leading scientific conferences organizer USA (2005-).
  • Member: Wellcome Trust's Board of Experts, Systems Biology. The world's largest medical research charity funding research into human and animal health U. K. (2001-).
  • Elected Member: Human Genome Organization (HUGO) (USA) (1994-).
  • Overseas Fellow: Medical Research Council (MRC) U.K. (1989-).
  • Member: Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) USA (2008-).

BMSystems expertise recognition: Memberships in prestigious national scientific, professional and evaluation committees

  • President: Centrale-Santé Leading healthcare and biotech Think Tank in France (1996-).
  • President Adebiotech:Leading biotech (scientific) Association in France (2006-).
  • Vice-President: Leem Biotech;  Biotech group of the pharma industry association in France (2003-).
  • Executive Committee member: Medicen Paris Region: "World class" healthcare and biotech cluster.
  • Member: Systematic Paris Region:"World class" French Information & Communication Technologies Cluster .
  • Member: Biotech-Pharma; The Association of the Bio-Pharma industry operating in France (Amgen, Actelion, Serono, Biogen-Idec, Gilead, Genzyme).
  • Educational contribution: Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielle ESPCI).
  • Educational contribution: INSERM.
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