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Bio-Modeling Systems: The Mechanisms-Based Mecidicine Companys

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  • 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT: October 25, 2016: Discover why and how some CEOs and R&D managers have already launched “Fully External B plans” to de-risk their business and generate unexpected opportunities.
  • 2016: PRESS RELEASE: PARIS. September 5, 2016: BMSystems selected to present CADI Discovery at the Connexion R&D conference organized by COSMETIC-VALLEY the leading Perfumery & Cosmetic cluster in France.
  • 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT August 1, 2016: BIO-MODELING SYSTEMS' novel Parkinson's therapy mentioned in a Report Covering 179 Companies. A new recognition of CADI Discovery capability to generate novel therapeutic strategies in complex human diseases of which CNS
  • 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT: May 9, 2016: CMC-Strategy Forum Europe. Manuel GEA Chairman Adebiotech and CEO BMSystems invited to present French biotech / Bioproduction Competitiveness and BMSystems' best practices. download
  • 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT: April 7, 2016: Genople center: BMSystems invited to present: A smart data approach to change the discovery paradigm. Presentation of CADI™-discovery programs and technology.
  • 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT: March 16, 2016; BMSystems invited to the Adebiotech conference to present its CADI Discovery paradigm to fight againt multiresistance infections 
  • 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT: Februray 12, 2016 Berlin: BMSystems invited to the Conference "IP in Life Sciences Digital Health" to present CADI Discovery answers to big data issues and biases in scientific publications
  • 2016: ANNOUNCEMENT: Februray 3, 2016 Paris: BMSystems invited  to the conference "Big Data a chance for healthcare?" to present CADI Discovery answers to big data issues and biases in scientific publications
  • 2015: ANNOUNCEMENT: December 7, 2015: BMSystems invited to present its CADI Discovery program in allergy: A systems approach to identify weak allergens/sensitizers capable of synergistic effects
  • 2015: ANNOUNCEMENT : November 27, 2015: BMSystems invited to present its industrial biotech strategy / synthetic biology and achievements at the Synthetic Biology Conference organized by AllEnvi  that represent the leading research insitutions in France dedicated to the environment issues
  • 2015:PRESS-RELEASE New-York October 27-28 2015: The Galien Foundation selects BMSystems for the MedStartUp Award program with first step during the US Galien Prize Forum in New-York.This event brings together top cutting-edge companies where innovation, scientific excellence and creative commercial goals are of utmost importance. Download the Pitch
  • 2015: PRESS-RELEASE: September 9, 2015 Paris: A world first: Pherecydes Pharma, BMSystems' Spin-off, launches multicenter Phase I/II clinical study of phage therapy in fighting sensitive antibiotic-resistant infections in serious burn victims -FR version
  • NEW: In 2015, the too high R&D attrition rate is not a fatality any more using a proven operational novel paradigm with 9 POC already produced.
  • : 2014: December 17, 2014 Paris:  Conference: L’Innovation aux interfaces : de la recherche au soin. BMSystems invited to present CADI Discovery Platform to enlarge translational Medicine potential
  • PRESS-RELEASE November 10, 2014: BMSystems dicloses about Ebola, a speculative concept that could provide a direct avenue for the detection of an incipient outbreak..
  • PRESS-RELEASE: July 24, 2014 Paris : CADI™ Discovery, the BMSystems’ Mechanisms-Based Medicine Research platform, passed two major milestones to address products safety issues.
  • PRESS-RELEASE: July  9, 2014 Paris: BMSystems discloses the first description of its fully operational Mechanisms-Based research platform that addresses the causal mechanisms of diseases
  • ANNOUNCEMENT : June 3, 2014: The first reference book on Computational Biophysics of the Skin is now available.
  • PRESS RELEASE Dec 10, 2013 Paris: Theranexus, biopharma company, has announced the signing of a license agreement with the CEA and BMSystems to develop patented new therapeutic strategies for use in psychiatry.  PR French version
  • PRESS RELEASE : Dec, 3 2013 Paris France,  Louvain-La-Neuve Belgium: BMSystems and Aepodia sign a strategic R&D collaboration to decipher the Fibromyalgia & chronic facial pain mechanisms to bring to patients novel therapeutic strategies.
  • PRESS RELEASE: July 10, 2013 Paris France: CEA and BMSystems open new therapeutic strategies for psychiatric disorders! Clearly, the brain cannot be reduced to its neurons only!.French PR Le CEA et la société Bio-Modeling Systems ont ouvert de nouvelles stratégies thérapeutiques pour les maladies psychiatriques! Clairement le cerveau ne peut se réduire à ses sels neurones!.
  • PRESS RELEASE: June 26, 2013 Paris France: The-Pharma-success-rate-drop-in-R&D-is-not-a-fatality
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: June 25-26, 2013 Saclay France:  Dr. François Iris presents BMSystems' CADI discovery vision and achievements: Title: “The discovery of Innovative Therapeutic Approaches: Under the Street Light is not necessarily the Right Place to Search!” at the TERATEC international conference during the Workshop 5: HPC in Biology and Health.
  • ANNOUNCEMENT: June 13-16, 2013 Florida: Pr. Leboyer's Keynote Presentation : Genetic Analysis of Relevant Biological Pathways in Bipolar Disorder.10th International Conference on Bipolar disorders. First disclosure of the FondaMental Foundation and Bio-Modeling Systems R&D collaboration in CNS.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Paris France May 2, 2013: Bio-Modeling Systems discloses the first scientific results of its European research program on chronic anxiety mechanisms (DECIUS™) at 9th International Workshop on Computational Neuropsychiatry in Munich.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Paris France April 2, 2013: BMSystems & the FondaMental Foundation join forces to decipher the immuno-inflammatory mechanisms that could give rise to psychiatric diseases to open novel therapeutic avenues French Press Release English Press Release.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Paris France, Pune India March 22, 2013. BMSystems and Persistent Systems Launch  Strategic Joint Systems Biology R&D Initiative-a R&D Program to Accelerate Mechanisms-Based Drug Discovery, Help Eliminate Use of Animals in Contact Allergy Testing. PR EN, PR FR,  E.U. bans animal testing: Official announcement EN, FR
  • PRESS RELEASE : Paris March 5, 2013: Bio-Modeling Systems recognized for the second time as a major contributor to Systems Medicine by the European Commission’s DG Research.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Paris November 25, 2012 : BMSystems invited to present its therapeutics discovery paradigm at the 7th BioCrats Connect’ Convention on December 7, 2012 in Pune India
  • PRESS RELEASE: Paris May 11, 2012: Psychiatric Systems Medicine: From concepts to the first industrially operational results. PharmacoPsychiatry publishes our latest invited review: Psychiatric Systems Medicine: Closer at Hand than Anticipated but not with the Expected Portrait.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Paris October 20, 2011: "Believe it or not: how much can we rely on published data on potential drug targets? ".
  • PRESS RELEASE: Paris, September 28, 2011: Have you got a “B plan” to secure your development and R&D programs in the fields of neurodegenerative diseases, psychiatric and cognitive disorders, infectious diseases, biodefense, and cancer.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Paris march  9, 2011: BMSystems & The Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich co-publish in PharmacoPsychiatry a new analytical paradigm, for the identification of targeted pertinent biomarkers in psychiatric disorders.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Paris october 21, 2010: Bio-Modeling Systems confirms its world's leadership in heuristic systems biology. Since its creation in 2004, the company generated new knowledge and innovations in the fields of cancer, psychiatric & cognitive disorders, neurodegenerative and infectious diseases.
  • PRESS RELEASE Paris June 7, 2010: The Directorate-General (DG) of Research at The European Commission recognizes BMSystems' scientific excellence and innovative business model through two invitations to contribute its expertise to key decisional meetings
  • PRESS RELEASE: PARIS april 12, 2010: BMSystems is selected by French life science clusters to present its disruptive science & business model during BiO in Chicago.
  • PRESS RELEASE: PARIS march 11, 2010: BMSystems is invited to present at 2 international scientific conferences. These 2 invitations confirm the major contributions of BMSystems to the field of integrative systems biology.
  • PRESS RELEASE: PARIS February 3, 2010: Pherecydes Pharma, BMSystems' spin-off, is becoming a US reference in the field of biosecurity and biodefense and a credible partner for protein, antibody & enzyme improvements.
  • NEWS: January 20, 2010:  Strategic Partner News: ARD, leader of our "Synthons" Industrial Biotech program, announced the successful start-up and commissioning of the world's first renewable succinic acid plant with an initial annual capacity of 2,000 metric tons.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Paris October 14, 2009: Pherecydes-Pharma, the world's first biotech company created from an integrative biology research program gears up for business development.
  • PRESS RELEASE: July  28, 2009  BMSystems receives a Bio-IT World Best Practices Award from the Cambridge Healthtech Institute.
  • PRESS  RELEASE: BMSystems, BioXpr and Kayentis launch BioXplain at BiO Atlanta the First Open Platform for Iterative, Predictive and Integrative Biology
  • PRESS RELEASE: Paris, October 6, 2008. Biocitech, the Paris life science park welcomes Pherecydes Pharma, BMSystems' spin-off, the first biodefense and biosecurity company in France
  • NEWS: Paris September 25, 2008 : The utilization of CADI™ (BMSystems' biological modeling approach and technologies) leads to a new industrial success in CNS diseases. BMSystems filed on Septembers 10, 2008, with CEA life Sciences, a patent application covering new therapeutic strategies and a preclinical evaluation platform in the field of psychiatric disorders.
  • PREE-RELEASE: Paris, January 26, 2008: We were very happy to announce the future publication of " Biological modeling in the discovery and validation of cognitive dysfunctions biomarkers" (Biomarkers for Psychiatric Disorders) in a book edited by the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry in Munich, highlighting the impact of our biological modeling capacities upon research progress in the field of cognitive dysfunctions. Publication in November 2008
  • NEWS: Paris December 20, 2006: BMSystems is very happy to announce the successful launch of our first company spin-off in the field of Bio-Defense and Bio-Security developed from our CADI discovery process. Pherecydes Pharma S.A. (anti-bacterial bio-agents) was incorporated on December 20, 2006
  • PRESS-RELEASE: July   28, 2006: The " Synthons" program, the major white biotech R& D program of the I.A.R. (" Industrie Agro-Ressources" world class white biotech cluster in France), was selected for state grants. BMSystems is the biotech leading partner of the " Synthons" program
  • PRESS-RELEASE: Paris May 23, 2006: Download Beyond Genome BMSystems press release
  • PRESS-RELEASE: Paris July 18, 2005: Analytical Methods for Metabolic Profiling: Solving Problems Analysis" release
  • PRESS-RELEASE: Paris March 29, 2005: Bio-Modeling Systems published its second in-silico model " Model of Therapeutic Resistance to Tamoxifen" in the Journal of Molecular Endocrinology
  • PRESS-RELEASE: Paris January 15, 2004: A world's first: Ras-dependent breast Cancer model.model.model.model.model.model.model.model. The first model on a complex human disease was published in the October 2003 issue of Nucleic Acids Research (Oxford University Press). Integrative Biology produces its first bio-medical results and confirms its ability to really deliver

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